11.2.2016 Thursday Sukla Chaturthi Please come and join in these poojas and get blessings.
Clare Brown

Vaishnava Priest

Sri S.K.Vasudeva Battachariar

Previous Experience

Sengalipuram Parimala Ranganathar Temple - 20 years
Siva Vishnu Temple, Chinmaya Nagar, Chennaru - 2 years
Srinivasa Perumal Temple, Singapore - 3 and half years
Hindu Religious Councillor, Hindu Endowment Board, Singapore - 3 years


Vaikanasa Agama Rathanakaram
Vaikanasa Agama Praveena
Baala Valmiki
Upanyasa Chakravarthi
Upanyasa Rathnam
Sorpozhivu Sudar
Light of Paragan

Short Summary

Mr S.K.Vasudeva Battachariiar was born in Sengalipuram,Thanjavur district, TamilNadu, India. He hails from a vaishnavite family, steeped in the teachings for the worrship of Lord Vishnu and his avatars (incarnations of bodily manifestations of Lord Vishnu) which strongly relates to the practice of Vaisnavism and theyare also well versed in Vaikana Agama sasthram or procedures.

Sri Vasudeva Battachariar had guidance and mentorship from his father Sri S.B.Kalyana Rama Battachariar, the first dsicliple of Sengalipuram Sri Anantharama Deekshithar, who was a renowned scholar, whose significant contribution to propogarte our Puranas & Ithihasas (Ramayanam & Mahabathatahm) all over the world is immeasurable today.

Sri Vasudeva Battachariar started delivering religous discourses at the age of eight and he now excels in conducting religious talks on various topics like Ramayanam, Mahabaratham, Narayaneeyam, Kanda puranam, and Devi Bagavatham as well as the Alwars and Nayanmar's Charithams.